Monday, June 4, 2012

Ma'am the Explorer Photo Shoot

I love your knee Mom.

It's the color of grass. . . but it doesn't feel like it o.0

You aren't gonna put me in that box are you?

Pretty shoes!

So Orange!

Ma'am the Adventurer!

I like this bag!

Everything is so pink!

You still have that flashy thing?

Whoa, what was that?

Comfy bed :)

Just let me burrow in here. . . 

Get me from my good side. . . pick one!

Hi Mommy!

This is a weird terrain. . . 

Paint me like on of your French girls!


These Klenex are soft!

I let Ma'am explore my room for a bit today and she was into and on everything! How could I stop myself from taking photos? Well as you see I simply couldn't! She's so photogenic and loves the camera, even stopping to pose! That's my girl!

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