Monday, June 4, 2012

Ma'am the Explorer Photo Shoot

I love your knee Mom.

It's the color of grass. . . but it doesn't feel like it o.0

You aren't gonna put me in that box are you?

Pretty shoes!

So Orange!

Ma'am the Adventurer!

I like this bag!

Everything is so pink!

You still have that flashy thing?

Whoa, what was that?

Comfy bed :)

Just let me burrow in here. . . 

Get me from my good side. . . pick one!

Hi Mommy!

This is a weird terrain. . . 

Paint me like on of your French girls!


These Klenex are soft!

I let Ma'am explore my room for a bit today and she was into and on everything! How could I stop myself from taking photos? Well as you see I simply couldn't! She's so photogenic and loves the camera, even stopping to pose! That's my girl!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meet the Turtles!


Hello! And welcome to Ma'am and Sir Love the Blog! Post #1. Lets see if I can get you interested and hungry for more! To the left is a photo of my amphibian baby Ma'am, though she actually is not a baby, she's around 15 years old (you can tell by counting rings on the shell). I found her upside-down in the middle of the road one day and count not leave her there. Based on her attitude and tameness, I think she was actually once owned before but either got out or they lost interest in her and set her free. 
Thanks to my mother owning a small turtle before I learned that Ma'am is a girl by looking at her tail. Female turtles have shorter fatter tails, while males have longer skinnier tails. The same day I found her my boyfriend Josh found his.
Sir is a brightly colored, grouchy, eleven year old male. He hisses at everyone except Josh. For a supposedly 'slow' species, he moves very quickly and will get away if you don't keep a close eye on him. But he is slowly getting better. After doing alot of research Josh and I have found that they loves slugs and worms (which gives me a treasure hunt game to feed them) as well as plants, veggies, and fruit. Each turtle has their own taste, just like we do. For instance, Ma'am adores any fruit, But the only 'veggie' she will really eat is lettuce and other leaves. Many people have said they eat squash and sweet potato as well as other things. Guess mine is just finicky :) We also learned that they are 'opportunist'. Meaning they will take the opportunity if it is given to them, be it food or mating. Oh! Speaking of mating, Ma'am and Sir seem to really like each other and have mated a number of times. So Josh and I might be seeing some eggs here soon!
Tag! You're it!
Please feel free to mozy over to Josh's turtle blog -- Here :)